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Friends only.

Comment to add!

Actually, as you can see, there are a number of entries that are public, but by default my entires are FO. Unless you leave a comment here or PM me or do something to introduce yourself, I probably won't add you back. Other than that, I generally don't refuse a drive by friending!
Isaac - MySpace Angled

Twilight! Part 1.

So, I pretty much love the Twilight movie (how can you NOT? It's so awful). And I decided to tell/show you why using PICTURES

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Disclaimer: Feel free to leave whatever hateful (or loving!) comment you want to leave, but just know that I DO NOT love Twilight. I also DO NOT hate Twilight. I see the series for exactly what it is; fluff reading. I made these entries to poke some playful fun at the movie, that's all. My only intention here was to make some people giggle.

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Isaac - MySpace Angled

GIF-Making Tutuorial

Here's a short gif-making tutorial.
I generally just make gifs out of either DVDs or YouTube videos, but there's a high chance anyone that reads this won't have the same DVD Decrypter software that I have or wants to use the same converter site, so this tutorial doesn't include parts about that. If you have a DVD decrypter software, all you have to do is decrypt a dvd and make sure it saves into a file type that's recognized by VirtualDub (the program I use to cap, which I downloaded from here originally, in case you want to do that).
If you ARE interested, I like to use Convert.Files, to download YouTube videos.
I also use Adobe ImageReady 7.0, but I assume the same process would work with other versions of ImageReady, but I've never used those versions so I don't know if things look/are the same.

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